We are a virtual server company based in Kentucky. We specialize in providing Internet Hosting services. We are run by individuals who have decades of experience in virtual servers. We provide low cost, unmanaged virtual private servers to customers across the world. We are well reputed for our excellent customer service.

We offer a wide range of IT services for businesses. From web hosting to virtual data centres, dedicated servers to storage solutions — we provide all. Our services benefit from continuous innovation and are enriched regularly with new features. We cover a wide area due to our optic fiber infrastructure. Our networks let us deliver high quality service to our customers. The routing of our hosted content to the final user is optimized. This reduces latency. Our network is very secured and we provide a guaranteed bandwidth.

Our support team is very strong. They know our products well and will be able to suggest a good solution for your business. We provide economies of scale to our customers with our datacentre construction and maintenance, server design and network. We offer competitive and clear pricing. There are no hidden costs or false promises. We can provide the perfect solution for your business. Please get in touch with us.