Server speed is becoming a very important factor. It is, in fact, becoming a deciding factor in the success or failure of achieving your goal. Here are the reasons why server speed is so important.

1. Server speed is an important SEO factor


Search engines consider speed as one of the factors for classifying the web and providing the most relevant search results. A user prefers websites that take less time to load. Websites that are slow are ranked lower.

2. Provides better user experience


People are busy today. Time is very precious to them. We like browsing website quickly to lower wait times. The users should enjoy the content in a convenient and quick manner. Minimizing access time will increase visibility, lower bounce rate and will let more users share the content. User satisfaction is higher when the server speed is high.

3. Volume of conversation increases

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If load time is optimized, it will increase conversations. Faster websites are more accessible and users are more willing to browse. Search indicates that too long waiting time affects user behavior. The users will jump to another browser tab or close it. This will result in loss of sales and more bounce rates. This will ultimately affect SEO. A study conducted by Amazon in 2009 indicated that a one extra second on page loading time means a 10% reduction in conversations. So, loading time has direct effect on the users’ behaviors.

4. Speed is important for mobile users


More effort must be given to increase the mobile version of a site. Mobile users often use their mobile to browse site, buy things online, etc. So, mobile users can benefit from increased server speed.

Good server speed leads to better use of available resources. This way you can save your operating cost and have a better server capacity than before.

4 reasons why server speed is so important