Virtual server or VPS web hosting has the best of both dedicating hosting services and shared hosting. VPS hosting puts the website on a server that has other sites running also. The sites share the cost of running the server without compromising speed to a great extent. So, you get the service of a dedicated server and sharing feature of a shared server. Moreover, the cost is less than that of dedicated hosting. Here are the best virtual server companies in the world.

1. VMware


VMware is a major player in the sever virtualization market. It dominates the desktop-level virtualization market and the server virtualization market with its VMware Server product.

2. Microsoft


Microsoft came up with the non-Linux hypervisor, Hyper-V, to compete with VMware which is the market leader right now. It provides attractive licensing for its Hyper-V product and the operating systems.

3. Red Hat


Red Hat is an industry leader. It is the most successful open source company. It appeared in the world of virtualization in 2008 after purchasing Qumranet. It’s Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) desktop and server virtualization platform is bassed on the KVM hypervisor and Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux (RHEL) server operating system. RHEV works with Windows and Linux, SAP, Oracle, and SAS.

If you want a server space that is affordable and won’t take much time to load pages when other sites get lots of traffic, VPS is a good solution for your business. You should go for dedicated server is you want to create a website on a very strong foundation and you have the money to pay for it. Otherwise, VPS hosting is the best choice for your business.

3 best virtual server companies in the world